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Amiri Baraka Discography:1960s-1970s


The Statue
Published in Barringer HS Literary Magazine
First Words: Earliest Writings from Favorite Contemporary Authors
Read by Andre Braugher
Dove Audio, 1995


April 17
Recording Laboratory, Library of Congress
Consider This and other poems
December 26
Poetry Society of America, New York City
A Poem Some People Will Have to Understand
All Poets Welcome Companion CD- University of California Press, 2003
Information at

April 21
Jazz of a Minority Panel Discussion
WBAI, New York
Baraka with Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor, George Russell, Gunther Schuller

August 5-9
Reading at the Asilomar Negro Writers Conference, Pacific Grove, California
As a Possible Lover- Contract for Paterson- The Dance:For Rob Duncan
Poem for Speculative Hipsters- Black Dada Nihilsmus- Snake Eyes- Short Speech to My Friends
Houdini- Poem Some People Will Have to Understand- Tightrope- Kenyatta Listening to Mozart
Mise en Scene:Newark 1947- Free Modes of History and Culture- Blue Whitey
The Bronze Buckaroo:For Herb Jeffries

November 26
New York Art Quartet - ESP 1004
Bell Sound Studios NYC
Roswell Rudd (tromb) John Tchicai (alto) Lewis Worrell (b) Milford Graves (dr,perc)
Black Dada Nihilismus
Read it
March 4
Reading at San Francisco State University

Sonny’s Time Now- Jihad 663
Spirit House, Newark
Albert Ayler (ts), Don Cherry (t), Henry Grimes, Lewis Worrell (b) Sunny Murray (d)
Black Art
Read it here


Black Mass with Sun Ra Arkestra -Jihad LP 1968
Spirit House, Newark
Actors: Baraka; Carl Boissiere; David Shakes; Bob Washington; Yusef Iman; Barry Wynn.
Women's Chorus: Elaine Jones, Jacqui Bugg, Sylvia Jones
Musical backing: Ra-Hohner clavinet, org; Marshall Allen-as, ob, picc; Danny Davis-as; John Gilmore-ts, perc; Pat Patrick-bs, perc; Robert Cummings-bcl; Ronnie Boykins-b; prob. Nimrod Hunt-perc; prob. James Jacson-perc; prob. Clifford Jarvis-d
Black Mass

Baraka's thoughts on Sun Ra are at
and his poem A Message from Sun Ra is at

Black & Beautiful, Soul & Madness -Jihad LP1001
Spirit House, Newark
Jihad Singers: Freddie Johnson, Leonard Cathcart, Aireen Eternal, Gilbert Monk, Baraka (voc)
Yusef Iman (bass and conga) Russell Lyle (alto,flute) Bobby Lyle (b)
Beautiful Black Woman-Miss Natural Soul-Form is Emptiness-Mishap (So Much Soul)-Madness-
Nineteen Sixty-Something-Sacred Chant- Unity- Fight

Black Renaissance -Jihad LP (unreleased)
Side A-Pharaoh Sanders-Albert Ayler concert from NYC January 21, 1968
Side B- speech by Baraka
(Side A was issued as part of the 2004 Ayler Holy Ghost box set)


April 24
Buffalo State College, New York
The Dial-A-Poem Poets: Disconnected GPS 003-004 (released 1974)
Our Nation is Like Ourselves


March 5
Black Spirits--Festival of New Black Poets in America-Motown/Black Forum B-456-L
Apollo Theater, NYC
History Poem

It’s Nation Time -Black Forum/Motown Records 457
with Reggie Workman and Herbert Prince Lewis (b) Gary Bartz (alto) Lonnie Smith (p) Idris Muhammad (d)
African Drummers: Akbar Bey, Pat Carrow, Charles Jones, Joseph Armstrong
Vocals by Spirit House Movers and Gwendolyn Guthrie
R & B Group: Ogden Lee, Jr (gtr) Khalid Abdul Shahid (el p) Lloyd Porter (d) Jerome McCoggle (trumpet)
James Wheeler (alto) Philip Eley (tnr) Sam Jordan (el b)
Kutoa Sifa/Answers In Progress/All In The Street/Come See About Me/Peace In Place/Bad News For Your Highness/Was Goin' Happen//Kutoa Umoja/Come Back Pharaoh/Who Will Survive America?/How Africans Got To Be Negroes/It's Nation Time/Pull The Covers Off/Pamoja Tutashinda


November 12
St. Marks Church, NYC
Performance with Afrikan Revolutionary Movers and Anti-Imperialist Singers
Rockefeller Is Your President And Your Mama Don't Wear No Drawers
A New Reality is Better than a New Movie
New York is Everywhere Big
Pressure to Grow is here


45 EP with the Advanced Workers Band and The Anti-Imperialist Singers- Peoples War JPU-1001
Better Red Let Others Be Dead /You Was Dancin Need to be Marchin So You Can Dance Some More Later On
Winston Sims (sax) other musicians from Parliament, Commodores, Kool and the Gang

Newark, NJ
From the CD companion to Call and Response: Riverside Anthology of the African-American Literary Tradition.
Houghton Mifflin, 1998.

July 2
with David Murray Big Band.
Live NYC (audience recording)
For Robert Williams in Exile 1962

July 26
Poetry Reading at Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado
Afro-American Lyric- Inside Out - I Love Music- Malcolm Remembered - Against Bourgeois Art
Available here 78P108
December 8
Reading with Ed Dorn at the Just Buffalo Literary Center, Buffalo, NY